[VIDEO] Fast Approaches Into Schiphol On a Stormy Day

Interesting video. Thought I’d share.


The first one I would have thought I was going to die, but 2:30, he absolutely puts the rest to shame, what a beautiful landing.


I know! Glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for sharing, can watch videos like that all day until my battery goes flat haha

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Same here! If I could, I’d watch 'em all day!

The 3rd approached from Atlasglobal was better.

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Yeah. Although touchdown was a bit bumpy.

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yes oh right a little bumping but was better than another light aircraft livery. :-)
Light aircraft: Atlasglobal and Heavy Aircrafts: Kenya Airways :-)

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Absolutely Cool !

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Glad you enjoyed it Mario!

I’d shit in my pants if I were sitting in one of the planes. :-))))

True, but watch your language Mario!


These are usual @StikLover2’s landings.

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Both the klm at 2:30 and the Turkish straight after were very accomplished landings. The kind of landing I hope to be able to deliver in the future.

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No they´re not. These planes don´t get caught in a enormous fireball. ;)

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