Video: Enter Air 737 Crosswind Landing

Yes - I have another crosswind landing video! This attempted landing involved an Enter Air Boeing 737-800 (SP-ESA) landing on Runway 33 at Austria’s Salzburg Airport at 11:25am, on October 29. The aircraft experienced high crosswinds and a sudden gust (270 degrees at 26 knots, gusting 46 knots) caused by Storm Herwart, leaving the only option to go-around as it slammed its landing gears on the runway. It eventually flew back to Frankfurt and landed 70 minutes after the landing attempt. Another aircraft on final behind the 737 experienced wind shear. The aircraft was grounded until it flew to Berlin 3 hours later. Videos of the landing in Salzburg and the aircraft’s route can be found below:



Report on this ‘incident’:
Quite a hard landing, and the right wingtip and left engine seemed to come close to the ground. How did you think the pilots did on their attempt?

Considering it was that windy, I think they did pretty well, they made a right choice to go around

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Wow after seeing this video you can tell how close r was and what actually happened. The crew did a good job!!!


Wow! That video really shows how far it tipped!


Yeah that’s also in the original post ;)
Pretty scary indeed!


Wow! That was really close to hitting the wing! Good thing that everything went well after.

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Haha my bad, didn’t see all the others. My apologies

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That was a Touch n Go! 😉

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Seemed like they had it then a gust hit right before touching down.

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Touch and go then diversion, unfortunately. Went all the way back to Frankfurt.

Yes it must have been, you can read the report here:

This was even on the news!

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