Video editing?

So yesterday I was ready for IF video editing! And I made 2 movies on my Instagram account (n3man04)! But they are kind of “newbie” and not up to my standards! And the program was on the Web which was a free one with limited features! So I would like to get recommendations to program(s) which is free to download but has some good features to an extent! So if someone knows these stufs, plz send me a DM/PM!

And eventually how I can export my replays in an easy way!

Link to my IG account: Login • Instagram

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What did you use for making your other videos?

I did use

Hey! I use Shotcut for video editing, it’s a free download on Windows.

I think I have it on my computer but I don’t understand so much from the ui interface 🤣! If u could send me a tutorial it would be very helpful!

And If you could tell me how you import your videos it would also be very helpful!

Hey! Here is their tutorial page on how to use Shotcut (Shotcut - Tutorial Videos). I personally taught myself how to use the software itself as it’s got a basic layout for beginners.

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Alright, thank you very much! But how do you guys import replay from IF, or do I need to manually screen record it on my phone and send it over?

Someone else is gonna have to answer that, I don’t even know myself🤣

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But are there any record function in-app for these recorders, I know Apple have QuickTime player with iMovie!

Like you you press the record button when your device is connected through USB! I think 🤔 it should, but anyways thanks for everyone’s help! I am surely going to experiment with the program!😂😊

DaVinci has a good free version for desktops if you wanna check out their website. Adobe Premiere is my main tool though so I’m not able to provide you any more infos other than the DaVinci will demand a very tiny learning curve - FYI that free version has been used professionally by some video editors.

If you’re looking for mobile apps, how about Power Director? It used to let you export easily without watermarks after watching a sponsored vid but otherwise it’s quite decent, I’ve used it to cut videos and in combo with other audio editing apps to get the audio layers that I wanted.

Hey! I have a basic idea which is IMovie. However I believe it can only be downloaded on Mac.

Ok, I am downloading it right now! And also, does this program have any recording function for connected devices like in-app via USB?

This one, right now!

Infinite Flight 20.2 fan-trailer - YouTube this is just an example of how I would like it to be. If you skip to 0:56 you would see those fast paced “synced to the beat” shots, that’s what I want to achieve! (Got technical here!)😅

FSX Movie - Good Times - YouTube skip to 0:51 this is my particualr go to editing “type”! Like those black flashing stripes in the whole sequence. (I know its FSX)

Could you link one for me?

OMG! Is it only that! (Looks easy but hard at the same time)! But anyway, thank you guys, all of you who helped me to find the right program and software!

Ok, so its like where the “drop” happens, right?

One question, which one is the right one?