[Video Down Below] Recording at KAGS


I just remembered I don’t have the region, and I’m also heading out. 😞

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Wish I could but I’m headed out!!! Enjoy!!!

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I would come but I don’t have live 😐

I’ll go as TUIjet 13 heavy

ill be there in 15 mins 777-200LR (Delta99)

Runs out of likes

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Okay, I’m in the 737-700BBJ FDS 2015 Livery!

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I’ll be AC 755 in an A318 ACJ blue one

Might come with someone else, I’ll be in a TUI 787. Edit: Camt come, sorry.

no probs :)

Wait! Did you Pierce the tail and fuselage of a CEIBA Intercontinental 777-200LR!?if you did than the CEIBA was me

i havnt arrived yet?. ill be Delta99 all in one callsign. anything else isnt me.

Guys, airport change to KSSC! Everyone go there!

Hey everyone, come on down to KAGS!

I was just there

same im in the air now american 587

If anyone of you are the Altas Air 747, I see you!

I was the Mexicana A318 behind him.

Yep, I just recorded your takeoff I believe!