[Video] - Dogs taught how to fly a plane!

Note: Safety first ! Proffesional and experienced people were in this video and do not ever let your pet fly a plane !

This is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe it !


Who said safety first?

No one lol. I’m still shocked they let the dogs fly !

There are mostly Some sign in an aircraft with safety first( and ppl just say it in video’s and more;)

Wow…! That was beautiful :’)

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It is not fair I have to take a pilot test and then must train years and he doesn’t have to take a test and train 4 months;(


Haha and we are human !

But there was a pilot next to the dog.

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We also have co pilots hahahaha
No just a joke

Quick! Bring em to advanced!

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Soon these dogs will be taking all of the available piloting jobs in aviation. This is the start of the doggy takeover :(

especially since we’ll have to pay for our training while these dogs got it for free!

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Looks so impossible it looks fake. Looks real though.

If it is fake, bravo.

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No thanks. I don’t trust computers to fly and I don’t trust dogs either. I don’t even think it’s real.

That is amazing!

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