Video- China's new Competitor Built in 140 Seconds!

Boeing/Bus watch out, here they come! Max Sends


It’s a domestic buddy, not a regional

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So… much… Propaganda…

Looks gorgeous! A bit like an A320 with a CS100 cockpit.


Domestic/Regional why quibble, China’s in the race now’
"The C919 forms part of China’s long-term goal to break Airbus and Boeing’s duopoly, and is intended to compete against Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Irkut MC-21. As a long term plan for the twin‑engine, twin aisle C929 and C939 are proposed, offering 300 and 400 seats, respectively. (wiki). Max Sends

I’m waiting to see this thing get up in the air. I think that China has built a good product now lets see it put to use.

@Freddiefrogs… Please excuse the “Ugly Americans”, the dog eating comment though true was offensive. I spent almost 11 years in the Orient and can identify with our cultural difference from first hand experience. I’m a China watcher so I can say with assurence China is raising, its no longer the country of Mao’s little Red Book. It’s has finally recognized its modern destiny! Its engine of growth is dynamic and is rapidly reaching parity with the west. This new domestically designed and produced aircraft is just the tip of the spear.
Watch the East, its future is bright and it no longer will be treated as a step child. Max Sends

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Looks like an A350 from the front

I’m a Mech Design Engineer, working with high performance harsh environment hydraulics. I spend most of my time currently designing replacement parts for customers who initially bought cheaper Chinese designs and are having to now replace them due to horrendous failure rates, poor material quality (cheap steel), and bad inexperienced designs.

China are renowned for copyright theft and reverse engineering of Western designed products. This is because they haven’t the understanding from decades and sometimes centuries within a particular field. This often results in terrible products which can be dangerous.

Is this really what you want for an Airliner?
Who’s doing test and certification of quality on this design?

Manufacturing costs are approximately a quarter of Western ones. But when your ass is 30k up which one would you rather be in.


It’s quite interesting to only see the Chinese designed parts in the video. A lot of the systems employed are European or American designs. The engines are from CFM. But I still don’t trust it, “made in China” usually isn’t a good thing unless it’s got “Designed By Apple in California” on the product as well.

Seriously though, this thing looks like the Bombardier C-series and A320 decided to combine forces. Also a not-so-vague hint of A350 in its structure as well.

Ah; makes more sense to the nearly-carbon look-alike and similar naming. Thanks.

Have that model…