Video- Canadian Hornet to a LAX... Night Recovery.

Yes Fighters do land at “B’s” and so do GA if they can afford the landing fee.

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Seen this before, loved it!

I recall once a couple F-16s or F-18s briefly visited LGA once?

What about “Fleet Week” Boeing. Do the mils use Mcquire ? Max Sends

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I know very little about military ops I just happened to pick up that fact a while ago

Shocking! Went into Hono with a friend years ago in a C-182 he used for the tourist trade. He dropped of his fare and picked me up at Barking Sands. He Did’n refuel after a 3 go. Headed for the old USCG station Barbers Point, up on Oahu north shore. BSing all the way telling sea stories when that little yellow light came on. No Choice windy day down low eyeballing the beach near Dimomd Head. Had to fuel and The International was the only real option. No sweat getting in no, Pan Pan, requested the short Rwy (12 I think) not to interfer with the money machines. In with no hassle, very friendly ATC’s from Center to tower laughed us all the way in. With fee’s and fuel it was a $350 stop max out my credit card and never got payed back… PPPP and over confidence will cost ya or kill ya. Max Sends