[Video] AirTran B737 landing at DEN (1080p).

Comment and criticize.


Not on centerline and too much reverse thrust. Also very firm landing.

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Nobody told me anything until now about the reverse thrust being too strong. Not even when I posted the longer videos.

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Someone told me way back that reversers should never be used 100%.

@Laurens or @Aernout?

General consense is that they shouldn’t be used to the max, how much reverse used before max depends on the runway. But 30% or reverse seems too little for me.

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I used it as much as I need to, I usually trigger brakes at around 70-80 knots ;)

The brake button or the rudder brake?

Brake button.

Isn’t that the parking brake?

Wait what do you mean by the rudder brake?

By pulling the rudder sliding button down, the aircraft starts braking. That’s how I brake after using the reversers.

Very nice landing. Much better than the TK and WN ones.
For a realistic braking action I would apply about 30% N1 reverse thrust, and tap the Brake button once all wheels are on the ground.


Sadly I can’t land evenly all the time. I just try to not overflare as I used to do.

About the brake button, I pull down the rudder button to start braking. The brake button is the parking brake.

The 737s have no ground effect in IF, that’s why you overflare by trying to archive a smooth landing.

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It happened way before. When I was starting. I would just slam against the runway at -800ft/m.

I’m referring to the standard 3° pitch attitude while flaring the 737. 4° is actually pretty uncommon…

That’s new for me. I’ll have to give it a try. While also trying to land on the centerline.

The aircraft should be able to stop without the use of reverse, most airlines use idle reverse as it does not have any adverse effects on engine wear and fuel burn, the small amount of air pushed in the other direction will help reduce brake wear. There isn’t “too little” reverse on KDEN’s 12000 feet runways, just use the brakes.

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I didn’t even know there was a certain degree for flaring.