Video: Airbus A380 Hard Crosswind Landing - Cargospotter

This video was uploaded just yesterday and has already hit 4.5m views (which probably means a lot of you have already watched it)! It was even on national news in Australia this evening. Watch the Emirates A380 landing during a storm at Düsseldorf below:

Credits Cargospotter on YouTube

I thought I might post it here considering the amazing skill of the pilots during this landing. Although the aircraft has already touched down before a crosswind gust blows, the A380 still bounces and goes drifting across the runway. I found it even more exciting than the popular video of a 777 going around at Birmingham. Enjoy! :)


Yeah, I saw this on YouTube already. Imagine how many people were sick!!!


The approach wasn’t even that hard. The issue came when the pilots corrected their crab angle like usual before touchdown. The gust blew in, and with the rudder all the way to one side, the pilots didn’t have any time to counteract the wind forces, therefore throwing them off the centreline. The pilots did well to immediately turn the plane after the gust, even if it did zig zag, it’s better than going off the side of the runway. This would’ve been a normal crosswind landing if that gust came a second or two earlier or later.


Yeah, it must have been a massive gust to get the A380 airborne again. It made for a very interesting landing!


I could imagine. The cabin would be rattling and people would be shaking from side to side! Little kids would be screaming after the sudden jolt and bounces 😂. It would’ve been one hell of a ride… and an unexpected one too. Would’ve been pretty fun for me though!


Dailymail made an article regarding this hard crosswind landing earlier today. Sounds terrifying but I think the news is abit over-exaggerated


It’s the Daily Mail, what do you expect


When you think of it if that happens to even a pro on IF the rear landing gear would slide and the aircraft would do a few 360s.😂🤣

Dang… Kudos to the pilot for a safe landing!

This Video is on #1 in the german youtube trends, I also saw it in the news, that‘s one amazing capture at my local airport :)

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I think the landing could have been a lot smoother, like @bensonb said. But hey, when you’re a pilot, you just do what you can do as long as you know how to react if something went wrong in situations like that

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I saw it on the national news and I thought that they sped the video up than it actually was, they made it sound like the plane should have crashed.

On initial touchdown I thought the title was being exaggerated, then it went back in the air and zig-zagged. How come I’m never on those types of landings🙁. Great landing performed by the pilots👍🏾

Saw this on NBC Nightly News yesterday evening. Kudos to the pilots.

It’s a normal windy landing. I have been on way worse than this, for example, when I landed in SJD we bounced 2 times then went around and almost had a windstrike. The media is seriously corrupt.

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Okay. I’m guessing you meant wing strike.

It’s like the a380 had an engine strike there. Luckily it didn’t end fatally.


Well done to the pilots, safety first. Although, I’m not a pilot and don’t mean to get out of line, I think the pilots might have been a little rough on the rudder. Just my opinion.

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It must’ve been a huge gust, lucky they’re always trained pilots who are proffesionals at what they do 👍

Also, amazing rudder work!

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LOL, today I saw another article that said “pilot almost flies plane off of runway”

ATC Memes on YouTube did a funny video of the fake CVR recording of that landing. I highly recommend watching it.