[Video] Air France A318 landing at CDG (1080p).

Please comment and criticize.
And tell me if I´m spamming for posting so many videos in one day.


Maybe you could put a series of videos for the day in one topic instead of releasing one every 10 minutes?


I´m aware of that. But that way people wouldn´t watch them so much. I think.
I´ll just follow your advice.

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That´s another good idea. Only IF related videos on the General forum, am I right?

Yes you’re correct

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One compilation topic is good. Whenver I upload a train, plane, or bus photos trip, I’ll either dump it in the “Train Photos Thread” or create a whole new topic dedicated to the trip.

That said, create as many videos as you want-keep em coming!

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Will do! And maybe something else.