Victorville Red Area

Hey IFC!
Today I am taking a 777 to Victorville for retirement. I plan to park in the storage area, but it seems like that area is highlighted in red. What does this mean?


Red is sand, green is grass, and gray is asphalt/concrete.


Oh, that makes sense. Thank you

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Not according to the media it isn’t

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yeah lol the TARMAC!


Just landed at KVCV

Yup. Our Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team goes above and beyond in making the airports on Infinite Flight as realistic as it can get!

Here’s the master list of Materials we can use, corresponding with their color in app:

Material Color on Infinite Flight Map
Asphalt Grey
Concrete Grey
Grass Green
Dirt Red
Gravel White
DryLakebed (Sand) Red
Snow Purple
Transparent Not Displayed / Grey(?)

With this 20.1 update, this was one of the many small features that got added! Ain’t it pretty neat?!


Thank you so much!

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Yeah that does make a lot more sense. I was there the other day and was wondering if it was either a closed tArMaC or under construction IRL. Thanks for the info.

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