Victorville flyover video.. :(

This video gave me chills, and mad props to the Victorville controllers 🤙🏼

I cannot wait until we all return to the skies…!

Cheers to the entire IF team for helping us through this aviation withdrawal… you are all heroes in my eyes… moderators, creators, editors, IT professionals, grips, pilots, API enthusiasts, ATC controllers, and anyone else I forgot that makes this community great!!!


Did you also see Swiss001’s video doing a low pass over Frankfurt, was completely heart breaking, this video certainly was as well.

Stay safe:)


I definitely did, and I agree… it’s so sad to see these birds on the ground… 😓

Stay safe as well my friend… 🌊

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definitely chilling… hopefully they can be back in the air soon! Thanks for sharing!

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Saw this video recently. Truly fascinating how these runways used to be used for takeoff’s and landings recently, but now they are… Who would’ve thought, used for parking aircraft.

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Wow that was sad and cool at the same time seeing that much planes all in the same place at once .

Wow, this is mind blowing

  1. how many planes in one airport are parked up
  2. how Victorville can fit that much!
    does anyone know why they chose Victorville?.. 🤔 Pretty good video, anyways, it would be crazy to do something like that irl

Amazing ATC controllers there!! Also, the airport is one of many with proper climate conditions to store aircraft (no rust, perfect temps, many more reasons I’m not thinking of, etc…)

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