Victoria & Tasmania ~ Australia

Locations to include in the eventual expansion of the Australian region shold include these two as one location to fly in.

Melbourne (Tullermarine Int & Essendon Airport) spaning across Victoria in all directions as far as
Albruy, Shepparton, Lakes Entrance and Horsham. (this is in terms of distance, these specific airports dont neccecaraly have an active Airport. Spanning across the Bass Strait to tasmania, where it should span from Launceston to Hobart and around that surrounding area.

There is also a chance to include the two main islands between Victoria and Tasmania, Flinders Island and King Island, both with active Airports taking lighter aircraft.


By the way, for anyone who is geographically challenged and dosen’t understand the relationship between most of Australia and Tasmania, allow me to explain…
Tasmania IS a part of Australia, not its own country, It still amazes me to this day how many people don’t understand, so here you go :P (and we dont ride kangaroos to work XD)


It would also have Avalon, which is where our air shows are held; would be great to have it


Don’t forget the smaller fields like Moorabbin and Avalon (spec. The latter for military).


Swan hill would be good, my home town, averages 6 take offs a day haha,
Booming airport

Lovely, any other small airfields?

I didn’t exclude them, I ment all the airports/runways in Victorias Surrounding area, including Avalon etc.

Oh yeah, almost forgot Essendon! How could I? Oh well. LOL


REX (Regional Express) and other private, medical and charter airlines fly to Mount Gambier, just over the border of SA and VIC. Don’t forget Bendigo also!

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Great idea,
Looking forward to flying around if approved


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Would be great to add.

Beautiful scenery and lovely crossing over Bass Strait.

My paternal family lives down in Victoria, went to visit them last year for New Years. I haven’t been to Melbourne in a while. I loved seeing the Airport. I saw an A380, a 747 a 787 and also a 777. It was so awesome. It would be nice to show love to the Aussies and add all of Australia.

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Come visit 😄

lol, I’m going down again next year to visit my Second Cousins. Anyway, I’ve also created a feature request for Townsville (where I live)

This would be great but no point because there is no scenery and it’ll be a similar lookalike airport with KLAX

But still wish it could be added

Australia is sorely lacking when it comes to airports, so I support the expansion of this region. Where else will I be able to use Quantas Link 717?

Sydney to Canberra is a Real Life route, and that uses a Boeing 717.

Sure, but more major airports are needed.

I support expansion to the Tropics, like YBBN, YBTL and YBCS. Check my thread for an example.