Victoria Airport Spotting


Nice pictures! What camera did you use?

Canon EOS Rebel T5 With 75-300mm Lens


Really nice pics. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! and No Problem!

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Minor edits can make any photo look so much more visually pleasing. Here’s what I was able to do with your first photo.

Not sure if someone has told you this before but never use the full 300MM on Canon’s 75-300. Quality is reduced drastically and there’s a very good chance there will be lots of camera shake resulting in an even blurrier photo. The reason why Canon made the 75-300 f/4-5.6 without stabilization beats me, but it’s a good starter lens and I guess you get what you pay for.

Good photos BTW as well.


Nice Q400s! And what a beautiful landscape.

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what did you use to edit that one?

Where is this place? Is it near Alaska?

No, Its In Canada

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I used multiple different editors. Photoshop, Snapseed, VSCO to name a few.


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ok. i use snapseed on my ipad

Yeah just googled it. Nice pics!!

Why are there so many Dash 8’s in Northeren US/Canadian airports compared to US? Always wondered that

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because we build them, and they work for the smaller routes


Awesome shots! Lighting seems nice

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These are great photos!

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Lots of Dash-8s - Looks amazing. Where is Victoria Airport?

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Look up in the comments he posted a map

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