Victor_R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] [PASSED IFATC]

I’ll be still open for a while so If anyone can stop by i would appreciate

Closed, thanks to who came.

ALL feedback os appreciated, its important to avoid some mistakes that I did when I be in IFATC (If i make into IFATC)


Great job!

Thank you! Any mistakes I did when you were flying?

I was already almost off the runway when given my exit runway command, but other than that it was awesome! :)

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OPEN now at UUEE

Server: training

Runways in use: 24L/C/R (this can be changed due to weather)

Training: taxi and sequencing

Come join


ALL traffic is welcome and appreciated

forgot to change the title

Hmm, a ~12kts cross-wind at 170dg is not really very nice, is somewhere like UUDD with 14L/R not an option?

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good idea, going for it

Might be able to pop by for a few patterns now 👀✌️

opening now at UUDD come join!

closed UUEE

OPEN now at UUDD

Server: training

Runways in use: 14R/L

Training taxi instructions and sequencing

@powdarrmonkey (If able to) @USA_ATC

ALL traffic for patterns is appreciated

i’m coming

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hey. Feedback From G-OOFY :


  • No feedback good job


  • you sequence me number 3 traffic to follow is on left base. It should be number 2 bcs the traffic on final was already touch down. Good re Sequence at the end tho!
  • Good exit runway command

i was about to req runway change but cign already did so i decided to fullstop. Good job Victor!

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Right, right feedback.


  • All ground commands were 👍
  • Noticed my FIRST aligned with the wrong runway as I crossed the piano keys, way to late… and then you never told me to G/A, you must tell me to G/A. However you corrected this the second time.
  • IMPORTANT: When I change runway change my circuit as well don’t keep me with everyone on 14L when I am on 14R, it will confuse you and it did this session.
  • @IF787 got way to close to me on final 0.5NM’s away and you did not respond with anything, he had to initiate his own G/A, you should manage the situation not him.
  • Great job avoiding conflict when me and Thomas requested runway change, many controllers get this wrong so well done!

Other then the things above great job you managed the traffic well!

Cign ✌️


Closed UUDD, thanks who came

^ This is my only issue, other than that, it was good for me 🙂

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