Victor_R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] [PASSED IFATC]

If you open later I can come!

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Just tell me your time to see if i’ll be able

Closed LFPG
Thanks to who came

Wow what happened? 😅

Hahaha, I didn’t realise I had that sort of effect on people! 😉

Don’t be though, your basics are fine. I think where you got yourself into trouble was the mixed patterns for my runway change.

To recap, you had:

  • Z7 turning base for 32R
  • VIGGY turning crosswind and given number three (that should have been two, to follow Z7)
  • G-PMKY (me) changing from 32L to 32R on my upwind

You quite sensibly gave me a left pattern for 32R to avoid me crossing in front of DMONEY taking off - that was a good move. You also gave me number three to follow VIGGY on right downwind, followed by BMONEY on right downwind as number four - also correct. And finally cleared Z7 and VIGGY as numbers 1 and 2 for the option, setting me up for number 3.

It went wrong as VIGGY turned base and I got near the end of my downwind preparing to follow. You asked me to extend my downwind, which is fine if you’re worried about spacing but in this case unnecessary because of the clear sequencing. Then you cleared DMONEY as number 2 for the option, which left me a bit stuck - my sequence was to follow VIGGY, but you didn’t re-sequence me into your new plan so I had to guess who I was now meant to follow.

This also meant that by my turn, I was a long way downwind so my final was long. A neat, tight pattern is quite nice to try and maintain so you can maximise landings for pattern flyers.

Personally I’d have stuck with your original plan, and cleared me as number 3 and given DMONEY number 4. The sequence was sufficient for me to maintain spacing; if you were worried about DMONEY turning too soon behind me that would have been the downwind to extend. In fact, I’d have turned Realism Police ahead of DMONEY as well, and avoided the long slow final for him too.

Another option would have been to extend my upwind, sent DMONEY round as number 3 ahead of me and then given me a right downwind as number 4 for my runway change. That avoids two things: the conflict on the change across 32R upwind, and having two opposing patterns for the same runway. It’s much easier not to get in a muddle if everyone for 32R is on right pattern and everybody for 32L is on a left.

Having an organised mind is key to mixed patterns!

Other minor points:

  • You can clear a bit earlier if you’re sure the sequence won’t change; my second clearance was very late and so was Z7’s, both on short finals. I think you just forgot mine in the busy pattern handling.
  • You didn’t give me a pattern direction on my inbound clearance - the first clearance after a pattern entry requires a traffic direction.

Good call on the go-around for Realism Police behind my full stop - I actually didn’t mean to cause that, I just forgot to look at the map on approach and sailed past all the intersection exits before I realised, sorry!

What I saw of your ground control was good too, and you were proactive with a runway crossing while I was still faffing around cleaning up, so that was good service too.

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Yeah I’ll try to get better at it, what desorganized me was that Realism Police was in parallel with Darius, thought about sequence Moritz as number 2, Darius number 3 and then you. Got scared because I thought that I would have to give a Go-Aroud do Darius because of Moritz speed, that’s why I did that other plan, it was the wrong decision so sorry about that.

The clearances were a bit confused sometimes, because I was so focused on organizing the traffic, so a lot of times the clearance or pattern entry was not sent, as I forgot just to click the “send” button, so sorry about that.

Wasn’t prepared for this so got nervous A LOT, i’ll train more, hope I can do it more organized next time! Thank you :)

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OPEN now

Server: Training

Come join :)


currently controlling cant come rn sorry!

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going to open KAUS rn

KAUS open!

Come join if you can :)


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ALL feedbacks are apreciated

KAUS closed!

Thank you guys that came

Don’t forget to close your thread in the title 😅👍

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OPEN at EGCC (Manchester)

Come join! ;)


currently in a game I will try and come if your still open later :)

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roger that boss!

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ok im coming :)

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gave you the wrong taxi instruction, sorry, meant 5L 🤦

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come and give him some traffic!

Your transition was a-little high 2500 + the airports alt :)

good ground awareness

good air awareness

I cant wait for a day with more traffic!

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