Victor_R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] [PASSED IFATC]

Hey there! You did good. Just a few mistakes to work on

  • It would’ve been better to give the extend upwind, I’ll call your crosswind command before giving G-REAT an pattern entry

  • I see that the please check assign runway wasn’t ok. But you address it, so it’s fine. Don’t worry.

  • You should’ve gave to N1003 number 2, traffic to follow is on left base instead of number 2, traffic to follow is on final. When you have that command, at that time G-REAT was on left base

  • The cleared for the option given to N1003 was on 36L, even though he wanted to change runways to 36R. You also forgot to mention to them, after the option, make left/right traffic.

  • After you sequenced me after I called inbound for landing after my transition. You didn’t need to give me, after the option, make left/right traffic. The cleared for the option was ok because cleared for the option can be used for full stop landings, a low pass, and an touch and go.

  • You double cleared for the option for N1003 at the end of my patterns.

I can’t wait to see you controlling on Expert Server soon! Good luck on the practical test! 🙂



I was N1003 I agree but overall it was very productive and a good session

I see. The pilots are not supposed to do that. However, you need to ensure that pilots know clearly who to follow. On the practical test, high chance you will not be required to resequence :)

@Victor_R how was your practical? ;)

Can we see you controlling the skies of ES?

Unfortunately not yet Mateo, by a small mistake i didn’t pass in the test, but already training to do it again in some time.

It’s sad because it was a pretty small mistake that I made, but we keep going ;)


Requesting the closure of this topic by a @moderators if possible.

Thanks everyone who attended.

Congratulations on passing!! 🥳🥳

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Congratulations mate welcome to the team and I really hope you enjoy controlling on the Expert Server Environment! So exciting and congratulations 🎉!

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Welcome to IFATC.

(Try and survive for at least five days, please. I have money riding on this.)