Victor_R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] [PASSED IFATC]

Hello Everyone and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! In training and trying to Join IFATC!

  Current Status:
 ZGHA (Changsha Huanghua)

    Ground/ Tower


come join!



G-PMKY here. It was a shame N929HK was making a bit of a nuisance and you did well to put up with it; that flying wasn’t typical of the IFATC practical and you shouldn’t take any lessons from it.

Fortunately I did get to see enough of your controlling to pick up a few pointers for you though.

  • On initial inbound your pattern and runway choice were good, but you cleared me to land after I asked for touch-and-go. You’d normally be clearing for the option and giving a traffic direction, that authorises the pilot to make a touch and go, stop and go, low pass or full stop and exit at their discretion.
  • You should also give an “exit runway and contact ground” instruction when a landing aircraft reaches less than 70kts jet, 35kts prop. That authorises the pilot to switch to ground on the taxiway, otherwise (as I did) they need to request a frequency change.
  • Good call giving a traffic direction for my takeoff clearance, but no need to do so again in the clearance. An aircraft in a pattern will stay in it until you tell them otherwise.
  • Good pattern entry instruction for the runway change, but that made two aircraft in the pattern for RW 5R and therefore you needed to give a sequence to one of us as well. When I reminded you that I was on downwind, you just cleared me as number 2.
  • Ignoring N929HK’s fun, I then made three go-arounds on 5R because you didn’t give me any clearances, even with position reminders. In the last attempt I called for a full stop, but you still didn’t clear me so I gave up and departed.

I think you have lots of the basics in mind already, but you must remember to apply them consistently and actively manage your traffic patterns. The calls are:

  1. Pattern entry on inbound, or traffic direction on take-off
  2. Sequence (unless you only have one in the pattern)
  3. Clearance

This order is not optional, you must give these calls every time. Clearances are only good for one approach, after that you must clear again!

Keep practising, and lots of this will become second nature. You can expect 6-8 pilots in parallel patterns on a practical exam, so you’ll be busy and need to be able to run the pattern without thinking too much.


Hello! Thank you for the critics and ill try my best to not do the same mistake.

  • My mistake about the clr to land, should cleared you for the option as i did other times, knew what to do but i didn’t by nervouism

  • I was about to give you the “exit runway” command when you announced the G/A, I was scared on giving it too early, as I read on ATC guide that I have to wait until a security speed so sorry about that

  • Thank you, that mistake will not happen again

  • Sorry about giving you sequence on downwind, but when you were on final I gave N929HK number 2, unfortunately he didn’t followed it

  • my horrible mistake there too, thought I was supposed to give clearance only one time and not all times you were taking off and coming for another landing.

    So sorry about everything I did wrong, I’ll practice more, including agility. Thank you for coming and sorry about everything, see you in the skies! It’s one of my firsts ATC experiences so sorry about that too

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OPEN at KSEA, come and Join :) (If tou can)

Hey I was RM35ER. Overall pretty good. Only a few things to improve on:

  1. Your clearances seem a little rushed.
  2. When I requested landing, I was cleared for the option, not cleared for landing and therefore I had to issue another request.
  3. I was cleared for pushback even though my aircraft cannot pushback. You MUST look at the aircraft type before issuing pushbacks!

Overall great and I hope you will be controlling for IFATC in the future!

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Hello Errigal, Sorry about that.

Noted a thing when you were doing patters.

  • You took off and did a T&G, everything perfect there, when you were doing the Second T&G you request me a T&G clearence, as I know (and I don’t know much), I gave you “Cleared for the option, after the option” clearence, so I already gave you 2 clearences, so its not necessary you request me again a clearence as I already gave you 2

  • Sorry about the pushback incident, i was paying atention to a conflit and didn’t saw your aircraft, as a example, after the taxi clearence another TBM requested me pushback and I gave taxi clearence as I knew the TBM don’t haver how to push.

I’ll try to get better, thank you :)

Closed, thank you everyone that came :)

I myself make many of the same mistakes and may do when doing patterns as well. Good luck

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The option authorised you for a touch and go, stop and go, low approach or full stop landing at your discretion. You don’t need a landing clearance to stop.

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OPEN at MMUN (Cancun Intl)
Come join if you want :)


Hi, please don’t tag me. If you’re open and I’m around I may turn up, but I have many other calls on my time as well. Thanks.

Roger, Sorry about that

No worries!

Hello, I was CHEER-UP.

Overall, I don’t find any issues on my side. All clearances, runway change procedures were fine for me. Hopefully there will be more traffic next time, that way we can test on your sequencing ;)

Keep up the great work! ;)

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Hello Anthony, thank you for stopping by!

Just a quick question, when you were on downwind, saw you at 2000ft, was that on porpouse to me give you the “descend to pattern altitude” command?

MMUN closed

Oops, sorry I just saw this.

It is not necessary in my opinion. I was 500ft above the pattern altitude just to be safe hahaha. Usually I will give it if they are >1000ft above the pattern altitude or I just see them keep climbing without any intention of descending :)

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@WingContact tag me when you open next so I can come!

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Come join if you want :)

@USA_ATC im open rn

No problem! I’ll announce it later, thank you!

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