Victor_R's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LFBO ALL traffic possible

Your transition was a-little high 2500 + the airports alt :)

good ground awareness

good air awareness

I cant wait for a day with more traffic!

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I’m about to open up my thread @ KDFW

Oh the transition alt is 2500 + field elevation? Thought It was 3000 + field elevation, Sorry about that
Thanks for come :)

it was 3000 because you always round up to the 500 :)

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CLOSED EGCC (Manchester Intl)

Thanks to who came

Open now!

Server: training
Airport: LFLL


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LFLL closed

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come join! trying to get better at sequencing, all traffic is appreciated ;)


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ALL feedback is appreciated

I’ll join now

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I didn’t spot anything only one time after a runway change you didn’t didn’t give me left or right traffic but that’s about it

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Stepping by for some patterns @Victor_R.

roger that

Unfortunately, I have to go. That’s why the session is too short for feedback. I’ll try to come next time. You can tag me if you want.

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CLOSED thanks for everyone that came and sorry @powdarrmonkey sorry about the the go around too soon

Good work, only issue for me was lack of traffic direction on my first clearance. Don’t be sorry about the go around - I was deliberately pretty close behind to see if you’d call it, and you did in good time 😉

Sorry about the some of the shonkier landings, that cross wind was pretty painful…

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to tag everyone in the program this will help get more people. :)

Sorry if this tagged all yall :)

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open now at OMDB!

Server: Training

Runways in use: 12L/R according with current METAR


ALL traffic is appreciated :)

If any IFATC can come i would appreciate too