Vickers VC10

A unique aircraft that I think should be added

The Vickers VC10! It made the fastest subsonic Atlantic crossing to date! Its also beautiful. Who wants it in IF?


Don’t just tag one moderator. Flag is with a personal message and a link so we all see it. We will the decide and disagree with the flag either way.


Do I post the link?

In the PM yes. Just as one normally does with any duplicate (:

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So, do we want this in IF

  • Yes
  • No

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I know this aircraft because of its dangerous engine setup that unfortunately caused crashes. Still a great aircraft!

This and the IL-62 would be awesome.

Looks rusty to me.

Did this have square windows? Lol

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Did Vickers copy Ilyushin or vice versa? I’m guessing the latter…

Maybe I’m thinking of Ilyushin about the crashes with the similar plane they have… Something about the rotors getting too hot and cracking mid-flight, causing an explosion?

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Any aircraft made by vickers were pretty damn reliable so yes I would Love to see this

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