Vickers VC-10 - Passenger Variant (MODEL 1101)

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Hello, IFC! Welcome to my second feature request - the Vickers VC-10!


G-ASGR, a BOAC VC-10, landing at the now-defunct Wisley Airfield - image circa unknown

The History of the VC-10

The Vickers VC10 was a mid-sized long-range British jet airliner designed and built by Vickers-Armstrong and first flown at Brooklands, Surrey, in 1962. The airliner was designed to operate on long-distance routes from the shorter runways of the era and commanded excellent performance for operations from African airports. The performance of the VC10 was such that it achieved the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a jet airliner, a record still held to date for a sub-sonic airliner, of 5 hours and 1 minute; only the supersonic Concorde was faster.

Although only a relatively small number of VC10s were built, they provided long service with BOAC and other airlines from the 1960s to 1981. They were also used from 1965 as strategic air transports for the Royal Air Force, and ex-passenger models and others were used as aerial refueling aircraft. The 50th anniversary of the first flight of the prototype VC10, G-ARTA, was celebrated with a “VC10 Retrospective” Symposium and the official opening of a VC10 exhibition at Brooklands Museum on 29 June 2012. The type was retired from RAF service on 20 September 2013. VC10K3 ZA147 performed the final flight of the type on 25 September 2013.

What makes this aircraft so special?

The Vickers VC-10 is the first airliner to feature the rear-mounted quad engine layout. As noted before, it is also the second fastest airliner and fastest subsonic airliner to cross the Atlantic, in 5 hours and 1 minute. It also had a very long life, with the first one flying on 29 June 1962 and the last one being retired on 20 September 2013 - an impressive lifespan of 51 years, 2 months, and 21 days.

Why should we have this in Infinite Flight?

This is a historical aircraft. The unique engine mount - usually designed for short range regional aircraft, such as the MD-80, DC-9, and CRJ series - allows it for a quieter cabin and efficient clean wing. The engine mount location also enabled it to operate out of rough runways, common in Africa. It also had an advantage over the rival Boeing 707 because it could operate out of these airfields, had lower takeoff and landing speeds than its competitor, while also being able to produce a considerable amount of thrust as compared to it’s rival, which provided good “hot and high” performance, and was commonly regarded as safer.

This aircraft could end of the lack of vintage and historical aircraft in the simulator. Lots of people would just love to fly this beauty, with EGLL-KJFK taking a significantly shorter flight time. Historical aircraft will change this sim for the better, especially an aircraft as unique as this one.

Specifications - Model 1101

General Characteristics
Length: 158 ft 8 in (48.36 meters)
Wingspan: 146 ft 2 in (44.55 meters)
Height: 39 ft 6 in (12.04 meters)
Capacity: 151 Pax
Empty Weight: 139,505 lbs (63,278 kg)
MTOW: 334,878 lbs (151,898 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 21,527 US gallons (81,490 liters)
Powerplant: 4x Rolls-Royce Conway Mk301 turbofan; 22,500 lbf (100 kN) each

Max Speed: 504 knots (580 mph, 933 km/h)
Cruise Speed: 478 knots (550 mph, 885 km/h) @ FL380 (econ cruise)
Range: 5,580 nautical miles (5,084 miles, 9,415 kilometers)
Service Ceiling: FL430
Rate of Climb: VS +1920
Takeoff Distance to 35 ft (11 m): 8,280 ft (2,520 m)
Landing Distance from 50 ft (15 m): 6,380 ft (1,940 m)

Potential liveries

  • Air Ceylon
  • Air Malawi
  • BOAC
  • British Airways (Negus)
  • British Caledonian
  • British United Airways
  • East African Airways
  • Generic
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Rolls Royce (Engine Testbed)


What’s better than getting a unique aircraft? Taxiway lights, probably The beauty of this historical figure in aviation is unmatched. To see the rear quad-jet streaking through the skies above the Atlantic, while slicing off a large chunk of flight time. This aircraft - which is one of the few of it’s kind - will connect Global near and far, in a significantly shorter time with it’s speed being rivaled by none. Except the fighters

If you feel that you would enjoy having this aircraft in-game just as much as I do, please don’t hesitate to drop a vote, as it would be much appreciated!

To learn more:

Thanks so much for viewing this request, and don’t forget to drop a vote if you believe this aircraft should be implemented! I hope we see it flying the Infinite Flight skies in the future!

What a nice plane I’ll find a vote somewhere hopefully

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Thanks for your support!

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Bumping this! It’s a beautiful aircraft!

There’s no way I put this much time into this for two votes :)

Looks almost as good as Vickers Vimy 🙃😉

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You have just got my vote. I was going to make this my first feature request but as always search before you start as you have saved me the time of writing one out :D. I saw this plane last weekend at Duxford it’s a gorgeous airplane. The 4 Rolls-Royce Conway Mk 550 engines stuck at the back make it look so cool and the fact it holds the record for a subsonic crossing of the atlantic at 5 hours 1 min makes this aircraft special.

Here is a link to the promo video BOAC used.

Maybe not in my lifetime but maybe one day this will be added ;)

I usually I don’t vote for historic planes, but I would love flying this plane! Perhaps KBDL-EGLL would be a fun route!!!

Thanks for the support!

U got my vote! If this comes to IF, this would add to our old aircraft, the DC-10s, MD-11s and 747-200s.
Edit: I’d bet that this would be pOpuLAr with people, flying routes like BOAC’s maiden voyage with the VC-10, London to Johannesburg.

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Thanks for the support! That would be stretching the range of the aircraft, but it’s possible.

Great request! Unfortunately the aircraft doesn’t catch my eye. Very interesting design.

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Ur welcome. If this comes, it could open up a range of classics, like the 707, 727, de Havilland DH106 Comet, etc!


Gotta love the VC-10 ❤️❤️

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big bump!

One of the most elegant aircraft ever made, nothing can beat it with the BOAC colours!


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That’s the most British airliner I have ever seen

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