Vibrating taxi line issue

iPhone 6S Plus
Latest iOS (NOT IOS 11 BETA)
Latest IF version
No jailbreak

  • 77W Air New Zealand (no All Blacks livery)
  • YSSY
  • Limit frame rate option enabled
  • low power mode enabled (IOS)

When turning on a taxiway the taxi line appears to be vibrating. Not very annoying, happens occasionally.

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It maybe helpful to double-tap on the screen.

Is it after you complete a long flight? I think this might be the floating point bug. Known issue, will be fixed in the Global Update.

No, I just decided to do a quick landing at YSSY (16R) with the short final option.

Does it happen everytime?

@dush19 Says in the post.

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Occasionally, doesn’t happen with limit framerate option disabled.

(I don’t have limit frame rate enabled because of my device, just wanted to get an idea of what it’s like without 60 FPS.)

Only appears when turning the aircraft. When going in a straight line, everything seems fine.

I get this every time I land. Very annoying when trying to park at a gate.

What your are describing is a known issue that will be fixed in global. What the originsl poster describes is different. Taxiways shacking on any airport but your spawn airport is expected due to the floating point bug.

The OP’s issue is less the fliating bug point because it happens at the spawn airport which should not happen.


Does this occur at Sydney only, or at other airports?

Other airports. Normally worse at bigger airports

My question was directed to the original poster. Read @anon2063420’s post regarding your issue :)

Uninstall + reinstall. It helps a surprising amount of issues

Hopefully a developer sees this topic so they know that their is something here that needs fixed.
maybe it will be updated with global

Can you show a video?

He’s on IOS, so I doubt it unless it’s IOS 11, in which case would be the likely cause of the issue.

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Not really, otherwise just leave it, its not bugging me.
This only happens with limit framerate enabled. I always use it without it enabled. This was just for testing purposes.

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