Vibing in Training

I was escorting and having some fun with my friend during a beautiful sunset in the training server!
Server: Training

Time: 23:45 UTC

Aircraft: F-16C x 737-700

Origin: CYLW

Destination: The Sky

Flight Time: 22 Minutes

Having a bit of reckless fun


Holy crap dude those shots are stunning. I thought the first one was real at first… Great work!


That inversion was amazing :)

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Hi welcome, sorry, but unfortunately l, I saw your post last 15 hours and am now late than 9 hours about no more than 24 hours limited in rules the topic.

The mods what did he say.

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You can continue reading the trust, please only 24 hours limited in rules #screenshots-and-videos Category. Thank you for understanding.

It has a good day.

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Sorry, didn’t know about the one topic every 24 hours rule…

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Yes, it is no worries only will leave up this post in the future.

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Not inverted anymore lel

Still amazing 7 months later lol