Vibing at 4.8M Feet

Here’s what happened: Me, @tunamkol and @GBKarp wanted to test Aerial Refueling, it worked wonderfully, so now I decided to climb to a 100000ft, which I did, then I divebombed again to the ground at full throttle, and this is where it gets interesting, I went -400,000ft and then I was violently shot back up at like 600,000fpm, I kept climbing till 4.8Mft. This is the view from up there. (Let’s see if you can spot the F-22)


Server: Casual
Aircraft: F-22
Route: OKBK-Space
Flight time: ~25mins

Enough Chit Chat, here’s the pic


That was easy dude, the f22 is just beside earth on the left side starting from top. 😉

The view is great though!


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Yep! Thanks!

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I am trying to do it but I can’t… great pic though

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Wow! your in space! 😅🤣

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From the earth

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