Vibing @ 12000000 feet


I was doing some trolling on casual with @tunamkol, and I decided to slam myself into the ground and try to go to space. As you’ve already seen by the title, it worked. Unfortunately Tunamkol’s game crashed on the descent, but I got some great screenshots!

Flight info:

Route: London Heathrow - Close to Greenland

Server: Casual


Just after takeoff above the UK!

North of Africa and Iberian Pensinsula!

Hi Greenland!

North America in the distance!

Hope you liked the pictures, feedback is appreciated!


Best glitch in IF


Now thats a journey


Yeah it is! Vai Brasil!!

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I almost crossed the entire atlantic in 20 minutes!


Great Pics!

How come I was not invited 🙁


Sorry, tuna just wanted to go trolling 😔

You didn’t invite the Troll master? @tunamkol I’m upset


You should talk with him, he wanted to go trolling, but sorry anyways

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how does the glitch work i wanna try

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You get a jet, takeoff, get loads of speed without going up or down, and then go very very very high, you will stop at around 120k ft, and go as straight as possible through the ground, if you don’t crash you are done, just wait, you will start going up really fast and get to space


One of those little things that makes it impossible not to love IF.

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so after I get to 120k feet I go back down into the ground straight and then get bounced up again?

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You actually fly through the ground and wait and you will eventually end up in Space.

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That’s crazy! How did you do it?

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@Tomjet073 you first go parallel to the ground and gain speed - once you are at around 1500knots you pull up as back as you can. The jet will climb at a very high rate and stop at around 120000 feet. Then from the peak altitude point the nose down, gain speed and nose dive into the ground. This should be at around 1200-1400 knots. Then you will go through the ground. Wait for some time (usually 4-5 minutes) and you will end up in Space :)


when you go into the ground will the game say crash! and stop the game, do you wait after that?

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Wow! I’ll have to try it sometimes

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You will go through the ground until around -400000ft, and you will start going up really fast

If you are fast the game won’t say crash, if it says crash it didn’t work