Viasa DC-10


Hello and welcome to the Viasa DC-10 feature request :)
Let me tell you about Viasa

What the heck is Viasa?

Viasa used to be the largest airline in Venezuela. With DC-10’s, Boeing 727’s, DC-9’s and many more aircraft.
They had routes all over the world, from Caracas to Maracaibo. But also from Caracas to Frankfurt.
With their hub in Caracas they were a very large airline, with a lot of codeshares too.
Find more about them here:

If you want to know stuff about the McDonnel Douglas DC-10 take a look here:

Okay nice, but why do you want this?

Well, I want this as it would open hundreds of more routes to fly.
And with the Viasa livery we could explore more of the Venezuelan scenery.
I also like the livery with that little retro in it

Well, I hope you liked my feature request and that we can fly this beast sometime.
If you’re here to complain about the crap quality pic, it were the late 80’s and if you have a better one PM me :)

Enjoy your day😊

I didn’t hear of this airline, it’s cool! I’d like to vote but I’m out of votes sorry.

No worries :)
Thanks for checking this out


Def voting for this!

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