I see both codes thrown around a lot, which one is accurate?

It’s VHHX.


What airport are you looking for?

Kai Tak. It’s VHHX. Used to be VHHH, but then got changed to VHHX when the new airport was built.

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It’s weird because you can search the airport up under either ICAO code and get almost the same results. Did it change at some point?

It was VHHH before Kai Tak was destroyed, and Chep Lap Kok island houses the new airport, which took upon VHHH, and Kai Tak changed to VHHX

Let me put it this way: when you search up Kai Tak, you get some results that say VHXX and some that say VHHX. Which one of these codes is the correct one?

Wiki says VHHX, and just a few months ago AET supervisors changed the ICAO to VHHX.

By AET you mean the airport editing team right?

Yeah, airport editing.

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