VHHH-YSSY // Boeing B777-300ER // Cathay Pacific

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 8 hours and 30 minutes
 Plane: Boeing B777-300ER (Cathay Pacific 

@Andy_R (A-NR1) at the terminal ramp of Hong Kong Airport.

A-NR1 taxiing to runway 07R while Cathay 101 is giving way to A-NR1.

A-NR1 lining up and wait at runway 07R, while Cathay 101 is airborne.

A-NR1 blasting out of Hong Kong Airport!

A-NR1 Leaving Hong Kong Airspace for Sydney Airport!

A-NR1 seconds from touchdown, while Saudia 345 is taxiing to parking.

Another seconds from touchdown shot, but with the Queen of the Skies in the background 😍

A-NR1 exiting the runway, while Cathay 104 is taxiing to parking.

A-NR1 at the terminal with Vietnam 735 and Cathay 104.

A-NR1 at the terminal while Etihad 325 just landed at runway 16R!


These are some really cool pictures! My favorite is the “Seconds from touchdown, but with the Queen of the Skies in the background”! The Qantas 747 is one of the coolest aircraft and I really like the angle you got on it! All of these photos are top-notch, keep it up!


I flew that route last night @Andy_R . Anyways, those are nice photos of you flying that new Cathay Pacific B777W. Again, I flew that route, the same route like you did


Look like a Good Flight @Andy_R. The Cathay Pacific remembers me the new livery Cathay Paciic.

Good future flight :)

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Thank you soo much @JarrettFlies!

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Thank you soo much @Udeme_Ekpo!

Thank you soo much @Mateo_CD!