VHHH touch and goes

The following screenshots were taken at VHHH during my daily training. aircrafts: A330, B777 787, Cessna caravan. I only carry 20% fuel without any extra payload. Let me know if you like it.

Please accept my grateful appreciation to those who follow the rules, especially when the airspace is unsupervised.

It’s interesting to notice that a B777 and an A320 have a different ground effect.


Nice pictures!


I like the 777-200 how did you edit it?

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Great pictures, I like the last one the best!

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It’s an app, Meitu.

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Thank you that look very nice

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beautiful photos but I think it was very edited.

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Well yes but there is nothing we can do in IF. The rendering quality can’t be superior on a mobile device.

What kind of ground effect difference did you notice?

The a330 tends to raise head significantly at around 30 feet above run way. I have to retard much earlier to avoid an over flare.

It’s quite different compared with those airbus simulators that I used before.