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I was just going through some of the long haul flying tips and I tried some of them and they just don’t seem to work. Here’s why I need some tips: just last week, I took off from Hong Kong Int’l (VHHH) airport bound for São Paulo (SBGR) with a b777-300er and I miraculously had enough fuel to land in SBGR. Unfortunately, the game crashed over the Caribbean, so I didn’t land in SBGR. Then, along comes this weeks ATC schedule and as VHHH has active ATC today, I decided to do that flight again, however this time with a b787-9. I am currently 4.5 hours short on fuel and the flight is supposed to be around 23.5 hours total. I have tried all the tips mentioned in the community such as step climbing and setting the trim. Are there any other tips that may help me recover from that 4.5 hour fuel deficit? Thanks in advance! 😀

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4.5 hours? Well, that’s a lot.

As long as you don’t find any strong tailwinds, that probably won’t work. The only I idea I have is altitude. General rule: More altitude, Less fuel. Doesn’t always work, but it’s simple. Also don’t fly to fast because of the fuel consumption but also don’t fly to slow because of the flight time. It’s a balancing act.

I really recommend a fuel stop.


Keep in mind your fuel burn will reduce gradually as your weight decreases. Chances are that if you estimated it correctly on the ground, it’s enough.


That’s my current situation. 4.5 hours in a 10 hour flight to EDDF, I’m bunking on the weight loss as fuel burns. ETE to destination is red, but the difference between fuel estimate and ETE has reduced from -45 minutes to now 3 mInutes

EDIT: Landed with 2% fuel left


The 787s in the game have this thing where if you cruise at anything lower than .85 or higher than .88 you burn way more fuel than you need to. .87 seems to be the sweet spot, and as long as youre not MTOW, FL390-420 Is your best bet. It sounds unprofessional but it works. Play around with it a little. You should never be under FL370 In a 787, not even at MTOW

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