VHHH - RKSI! New Open Beta 77F Korean Air Cargo

A 3-hour flight from VHHH to RKSI testing the new 77F! (And my first shot at editing I know I will never ever be as good as @Suhas but I am trying)

Server: Expert
Flight time: 3:10
Aircraft: Boeing 77F
Load: 78%

Now let us get to the photos!

Loading up the Cargo

Departing for Incheon!

Climbing out of VHHH

Leaving the sun behind (You will see it again later)

Begining our descent into Incheon

On finals!

And Down!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and my first shot at editing! Please leave and suggestions on how to make it better below!

Till the next time
Average Gamer


Great job! That last photo landing is my favorite. Keep it up!

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Thank you so much! I will be back tomorrow with some more pics! Still practicing my editing to get there :)

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Nice pics! My favorite is 3, the blue fuselage goes so well with the sea and islands!

I like the editing too, not too much not too less, right on point!

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It does! It blends in so seamlessly! Thank you I think it looks perfect also but I am still constantly going over it to make sure it is 100% perfect :)

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Beautiful pics!

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Thank you!

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Nice pics, I really like asia flying because the runways are LONGGG.

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Yep. The runways are quite long at alot of Asian airports which is weird but I am not complaining

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