VHHH Report Issue

Hi,I just flown on expert server from ZGGG to VHHH. And my callsign is Cathay 214 Heavy and my user name is Matt Cheung. After i contacted with Hong Kong Approach and it ask me keeping 280 and climbing to 280. And i followed the instructions, however i got level 2 violation later says do not follow the instruction. I attached the screenshots below, one is the last instruction i got and other one is the heading and the altitude i maintained when i got the notice of violation. And the controller is MJMN, thanks for the help.

I think you should send a PM to the controller before posting it in public on the IFC.

Feel free to send a PM to @appeals and we will take a look at it. Please follow the proper formatting and include a replay file



Hi Luke,thanks for your advice. I have not playing the IF and looks like i am not familiar with it rn. I will doing what you said, thanks.

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Hi,Jack, thanks for your reply. I will checking with it.