VHHH open question

Why is VHHH open on the expert server? Isn’t it supposed to be LFTM

It could be open for training but that’s all I could add to this I’m sorry


When a hub is fully staffed (for example LTFM), IFATC may choose an airport around the world to control.


Interesting I thought they did all training on training server. I’m just gonna wait for a staff

Yes I know that

Hey! Keep in mind that once the main hub is open. Any airport can be open.


Ah I see thank you

All airports ATC choice once the following designated HUBs are fully staffed
At the moment there’s GTS @LTFM and GTADS + 2 center freq. open @VHHH for a total of 8 planes inbound lmao. Like
Who’s responsible for this madness? xD

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I saw this earlier: everyone in Doha - and then Melbourne Center opens…like wut?


Radar services can open at a non-hub airport while the hub is fully staffed. Since radar frequencies must be open for at least one hour, the hour at LTFM(or Doha) could have been up but the officers at VHHH or Melbourne likely had longer to complete their hour. It’s just a weird timing thing that can lead to irregularities when there’s a schedule like today’s.

Also, it’s completely ATC choice when the hub is staffed. So we could open in Alaska, New Zealand, a Pacific island with no inbounds, really wherever if we see the hub is staffed.

Also, I’m adding to this that I assume controllers not authorized for radar are probably allowed to open anywhere once GTS is open at the hub, cuz otherwise they can’t controll at all until someone opens radar at the hub.

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