VHHH images part 7

Yes, we are speaking to each other via a computer, a hypothetical situation. I like this community. We are all friends. Friends 😊


i’m in love with this image

We are friends 👄 a hypothetical situation, At bet. So, if you keep up with the current state of the hypothetical states of Hong’s Kong. You will see that when Cry Tak Was till open, it had the IATA code of HKG. Who has this code now? Hong Kok Chep Lap Kong. Otherwise known as the well known VHHH. Kayak was VHHX. These are, in fact, great planes.

The Avarege American “Or the average Cargo Freighter man”, contrary to what they will have you believe, is that many cargo planes go to Anchorage. Fact. Many of them are 747’s. 747-8’s to be exact. So many people would assume that a cargo 747 would be a -8, instead of a -400. This led to the popular belief that it was, in fact, and -8. This, however, is simply, incorrect. If you look up the tail number on LiveFlight, you shall perfectly see it is a 747-400F. As i said above. F stands for Freighter 😟


Ur fav photoshop:

Yes we are always buddies 😳 Kai Tak is a very good airport. Just like this community. I really like this community 🤗 Kai Tak and Chek Lap Kok are from the same area. So where did the name go? To Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, or the new VHHH. These are great airports. Very nice.

Australia, Qantas has cargo freighters. They have a share agreement with Atlas Air for 747-8. People think of the 747 as one plane, when there are many kinds. 747-100. 747-200. 747-300. 747-400. 747-8, and the special ones, like president plane and space plane. Very cool. This picture, is hypothetically said, as a 744F. Which means a Boeing Seven Four Seven Dash Four Hundred F, which is a Freighter. Great plane. I like this community and I hope that the livery gets added into IF, like the 747-8 UPS and Cathay Pacific like the special livery they have. I hope IF adds it.

747-400 and 747-8 are very great planes. I think that maybe if you want to vote so that it can be added, you can vote. Look here, a 747 rework is awesome to fly to VHHH and maybe VHHX because they are great planes and I hope it is added into Infinite Flight Pro. I hope more 747 fly in the world and in the virtual aerospace. Aerospace, meaning the sky, where planes fly.

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I’m extremely confused now. It’s an interesting debate, but it’s very confusing.
@reer104 and @Lufthansa2, can you guys take this to a PM?

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Yes for sure. Hypothetically we can click on the profile picture and send them a PM via my computer to save space on this thread from this great community which I like and am going to do. Thank you and good day!

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I must say. In theory, agreement would be appropriate as i do agree with you. Flying the 747 in any space. This could be Space, Outer Space, Under Space, Inner Space, Underwater, or doing AeroSpace Acrobatic manuevers (but not on Expert Server because that would be a violation 😔) Yet I must agree the new, nice 747 should be in Infinite Flute. I believe all planes should have APPR. Landing should be fun. Not not fun. This plane has flown many times in Kayak and Chep Long Dong.

It is now known that this is requested to be in a PM, which stands for Private Message (Or Pacific Message based on your timezone). As Luftaanza Bonzanza said, hypothetically, we could click the blue button on each other’s profiles. This is likely, if not surely what we shall do. I can see, over the horizon, a green notificaion in my inbox.

Thank you for your!


Nice photos! Where did you take these?

He took them at Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH).

Oh sorry, the location where he was spotting the planes at VHHH


Ahh, got it. Unfortunately I don’t know that information. I’d wait for the OP to tell you.

Sorry for the confusion on my end.

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Like the specific location.


That swiss 777 do be looking fine! Amazing job!

@Captain_Ry calm down there buddy. What’s with all the comments in random spotting topics?

What do you mean random? They aren’t! I go to the spotting section to look at all the wonderful photos

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You managed to comment on 17 topics in 17 minutes. Just seems a little… excessive. Not judging or anything. Just seemed weird.

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I like look at the spotting pictures and i usually comment what my favorite picture is, don’t think that is an issue

@N2628P, please PM the user or utilize the flagging feature, thanks.

Yup. PMed him. Thanks!