VHHH images part 7

can you look at it here?

I can’t download it here because it will compress the image in the editing software, unfortunately.

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Precisely my point… I don’t understand why everyone keeps asking what it is, it doesn’t matter after all.

There are other people that do not state what equipment they used, why not ask them too?


If I’m being honest, they might be questioning the authenticity of these pictures


Look, I’m not accusing anyone of stealing photos as in this particular case I don’t believe that to be true.

However, I’m just a little confused on why you have all these people pressing and you can’t just go look at the camera. It’s been 7 days, 7 topics, and dozens of people asking, why keep stalling?


Possibly… but I do not see the need to argue over this, it could’ve been settled nicely.

I believe it’s his pictures if you ask me.

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Sadly, there are over 25 replies on this thread and about 20 of them are arguing about a camera model.

If he does not feel like sharing it, no one has any right to force him to.

Hopefully it goes without saying GreatLeader that if these aren’t your photos, I would definitely come clean about it and stop.

That said, I haven’t found any pictures that look like this, so I do have reason to believe these are indeed yours. I love the blue tint on the pictures actually, it makes them stand out against other pictures. Looking forward to part 8 should there be one.


I did a quick edit on my iPad since I’m too lazy to turn on computer right now.

these are my photos. There will be part 8.


Same here, none of the IFC and none on a google search :)

Maybe you really cant be asked to grab your camera lol. Great photos nonetheless…

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why everyone is so scared about “stealing photos”??? who asks this question…

Because it’s been happening on this forum. And it’s terrible.


Stealing photos is unethical, it’s been happening recently and it is prohibited on the forums.

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It’s a trend recently. Nothing against you.


Because people go to a lot of effort to take them and all that is wasted it they are stolen. As said these are probably yours.

Its been happening alot and for my safety i removed all mine. Thanks to the mods

Okay, everyone chill out. Just talk about HIS pictures.

Ok guys everyone accusing AND trying to tell others off about it is not being productive at all. All of the messages saying stop is just as unproductive because obviously it isn’t working

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so people steal photos and buy a patent for other peoples photos.


  • If OP doesn’t want to tell what camera he’s using, he doesn’t have to tell you.

Generally speaking and not just related to this topic: We don’t allow pictures being shared in #real-world-aviation:spotting if you didn’t took them yourself and even more important, you can’t share pictures taken by someone else and say that they are yours. If you have proof that pictures were stolen, flag it and we’ll look into it.

There’s no need to pressure users or accusing them of something where there’s no proof. And even if there is proof that something is wrong, once again: Flag it, and we’ll look into it.

Back on topic please.