VHHH images part 7

Yes we are always buddies 😳 Kai Tak is a very good airport. Just like this community. I really like this community 🤗 Kai Tak and Chek Lap Kok are from the same area. So where did the name go? To Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, or the new VHHH. These are great airports. Very nice.

Australia, Qantas has cargo freighters. They have a share agreement with Atlas Air for 747-8. People think of the 747 as one plane, when there are many kinds. 747-100. 747-200. 747-300. 747-400. 747-8, and the special ones, like president plane and space plane. Very cool. This picture, is hypothetically said, as a 744F. Which means a Boeing Seven Four Seven Dash Four Hundred F, which is a Freighter. Great plane. I like this community and I hope that the livery gets added into IF, like the 747-8 UPS and Cathay Pacific like the special livery they have. I hope IF adds it.

747-400 and 747-8 are very great planes. I think that maybe if you want to vote so that it can be added, you can vote. Look here, a 747 rework is awesome to fly to VHHH and maybe VHHX because they are great planes and I hope it is added into Infinite Flight Pro. I hope more 747 fly in the world and in the virtual aerospace. Aerospace, meaning the sky, where planes fly.

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