VHHH images part 6

Here you can se some images from Hong Kong International Airport, VHHH, part 6.

Lufthansa A340

Vanilla Air A320

Eva Air A321

Hong Kong Airlines A330

British Airways 777

Hong Kong Airlines A330

China Eastern 737

China Airlines A330

Air Canada 777

Skyteam Korean Air 777


All that gear tilt tho… Great pictures!

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Very nice pictures and quite a lot of different variety of liveries there!

awesome pics!

Nice pictures, whats your camera?

Hi @anon79353067, could you email me the Lufthansa A340 photo? I want to try to edit it in full size. I’ll PM you my email, if you accept this offer just send it over when you can!


Incredible A340 picture! (Of course the rest are very good as well.) ;)

I tried another one

Your lens has a NASTY crack in it…


I also did a simple edit cause I was bored and felt like it!

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