VHHH images part 5

Here you can see images from Hong Kong International Airport, VHHH, part 5.

Lufthansa A380

Cathay Pacific A330

Cathay Pacific A330

Bangkok Air A319

Cathay Pacific 777

China Airlines A330

Cathay Pacific 777-200

Emirates A380


Any luck with the camera?

Nice catch with the 777-200, which now has a desert graveyard.

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Very cool spot!

5 topics in and we still don’t know what your camera is :/


5 topics in and like before we said editing would make it amazing

Those are some really nice spots :) Perhaps try editing your photos a bit?

That looks amazing!

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Guys, I think we ought to give him a break about the camera and editing stuff. We can’t force him to do anything, so you may never accomplish the goal of finding out his camera/making his pics better.

Let’s just enjoy the pictures.


A little editing goes a long way, these shots have great potential! Here’s my take on editing my favorite photo of yours.


Editing goes a very long way, try it out!

And here’s another I attempted
But at the end of the day, your photos, your style. I’m just giving a friendly suggestion 🙂


When was this?

In the last topic, he said that he thinks it was before 2017.

Why so much blue tint tho :\

Does it have something to do with the camera?

What white balance setting do you use? I know you said it was a while ago, so I’d forgive you for not knowing, but I’d definitely recommend auto white balance if you didn’t have it before, and if this is auto try some different options, these whites would be really good if the white balance was better, but otherwise good work.

I use aperture priority I do not touch other things
I know the editing but I dont want it to look fake

Editing doesn’t make it look fake. It can remove the blue and make it look way nicer. Almost every photo you see on the internet is edited some way

If you edit it right, it would look amazing. Try a few and show us in this thread and we can say

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