VHHH images part 4

Here you can see some images from Hong Kong International Airport, VHHH, part 4.

Garuda Indonesia A330

Myanmar 737

Cathay Pacific A330

ANA 767-300

HK Express A320

Cathay Pacific A330 (front)

Cathay Pacific 777

China Eastern A321


Very nice photos!

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Great photos! But clean that lense…

Amazing 😍 especially A330🤩

I know only this time it was already dirty

Have you looked at your camera yet?


no i did not do that yet

Bruh, how hard is it. Do you want to go do it now? Like you got us all waiting…


@anon79353067 You should send a picture of your camera with a smartphone, it can help those more experienced identify its make and model


Those are amazing photos! Excellent job

Indeed. I’m currently camera shopping and am looking around the forum to see what cameras others are using so I can potentially shop (and buy) a nice camera.

That might not be the best strategy, people here have all sorts of different skill levels, and needs, and who knows how much time and effort everyone put into finding the right camera. Not that it’s all bad, but I’d definitely mostly do your own research. Cannon Rebel line is a place I’d definitely look if you need a starting place, it’s very popular among especially beginners, and for good reason.


So, uh @anon79353067, we’ve asked you what camera you use for the past 3-4 days. Is there a reason why you don’t know or can’t take a photo for us to see?

Or are you hiding something…? 🤨


Are you using an Instax camera? The tint might imply that.

no but I put it somewhere and I have to find it very long time

That’s what you have said the past few times people have asked you…

The reason we want to know is because then we will be able to help you out.


At this point, and I don’t want to go throwing accusations, but it’s starting to feel more and more like your trying to hide it or troll us or something. I can’t imagine why you’d want to do that, but for what feels like the better part of a week you’ve always had some excuse why you can’t look at your camera. I really don’t want to come off as accusatory because that’s not entirely what I’m trying to do here, I’m just starting to not buy it that you haven’t been able to glance at your camera for a second in the last week or so, or even prior to that know so much as a brand. Your photos are good enough especially the zoom and stuff that a camera for that isn’t an insignificant purchase, so I’m surprised that even not looking at it you don’t remember so much as a brand… 🤔


it is a canon camera… but I do not know the name i have not used it a long time…

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That’s a good start. Does anything like Rebel T6, T7, T something sound familiar? Unless you paid more than a grand US for it it’s probably one of those.

Actually if your not in the US it’s going to be XX00D something in the rebel line.

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it will take me long time to find it… I will get it next time I use it… very little. But I already have good photos I like to post.

also I did not buy it I do not remember the name it is my friends old camera

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