VHHH images part 3

Here you can see images from Hong Kong International Airport, VHHH.

Cathay Pacific Cargo 747-8

Thai Airways 777

Cathay Dragon A330

Hong Kong Airlines A320

Fiji Airways A330

Eva Air A321

Dragonair A321


The lense needs cleaning…

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What camera do you use again???

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i use BBC (big black camera)

Nice pictures!

Does it have a name? Surely it says on the body of the camera.


I do not know I put camera somewhere

Pull it out and look at it…


i am very lazy

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No worries, lol. 😂
Though it would be helpful to have a look at it next time you go spotting.

Great photos, just like normal, @anon79353067!

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Here is an edit I did to try and reduce the blue hue:

You’re pictures are quite good (aside from that blue hue), and so I highly suggest investing in a quality camera. I recommend the Sony A6000.

White balance what left the chat


@anon79353067 amazing photos. A slight bit of editing would work wonders.

This is a quick edit by me

It will improve your photo quality if you CLEAN YOUR LENSE!!

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Here, I tried something.


I loved the cathay dragon a321 at the end! I have never seen it in the old dragonair livery sadly

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