VHHH images part 1

Here you can see some images at Hong Kong International Airport, VHHH.
Who can tell me some ideas to improve my images?

El Al 777-200

China Eastern A321

Cathay Pacific A350-900

Dragonair A320

Finnair A350-900

Singapore Airlines A350-900

ANA 767-300

Ethiopian 787

Cathay Pacific A350-900


A little bit of photo editing in Lightroom will bring you a long way with your photos :) May I ask when you took these photos and your camera equipment that you used?

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I do not like to edit do I need to pay money to edit?
I already forget when did I take these photos, I use a BBC (big black camera) I do not know the name

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Were they a long time ago? And do you commonly go out to go planespotting because I would highly suggest you to invest in some type of photo editing software, it’d make your photos look much better :)

I just edited one of your photos, took me less than two minutes with my Lightroom app on my phone by just adjusting the sliders. (This is a really quick and effortless action)

I am a landscape photographer myself, and when I first started photography I didn’t like to edit and the task seemed very scary to me. I had even tried to find cameras that produced photos good enough that didn’t require editing lol

But trust me, you will want to edit your photos. (And clean your camera sensor)


This may help


ok thank you but sometimes edit makes the photo fake

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do 🤷🏻‍♂️

These are some nice shots and catches, however most of them are Low in frame and lacks contrast, I would suggest aiming your camera so the aircrafts fits nicely in the center of the viewfinder, that way you can get a somewhat centered image with minor adjustments later on when you edit the shot. As for other stuff, Lightroom would be of great help, you don’t have to get the paid one, there’s always the free one for phone you can try out.


I know but the plane is moving so its hard

How did you gain access to AVSECO? Not sure how to get to that spot now since the exits are cordoned off from the airport express.

Love the el al 777!!!

It gets far easier the longer you spot and the more often you spot.

Oh baby 😍

I do recommend editing your photos as well. The photos are nice, however they could be better. If you are looking for a free and easy way to edit, download Adobe Photoshop Mix.

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Wow those are some stunning pictures! My only suggestion would be to edit them slightly so the colors pop out even more. Well done!

I agree that sometimes editing photos can make them look fake, that’s why its a great idea to use simple filters, there are plenty of free apps, software, or even websites that can help! Stunning pictures though, my favorite is the Ethiopian 787, what an amazing bird!

lightroom has an auto edit feature which makes it a lot better in my opinion!

😂Ok guys I think everyone gets the point about editing.

Great Photos i must say edited or not nothing in life has to be perfect

Those are some awesome photos! There is room for improvement, but I’m not going to say what others have said, because then it gets repetitive and possibly annoying. But overall, great work, I love the first one!

I don’t want to be that guy, but at least 5 times out of 10, the LR auto edit feature makes it worse, not better.

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