VHHH images part 1

It gets far easier the longer you spot and the more often you spot.

Oh baby 😍

I do recommend editing your photos as well. The photos are nice, however they could be better. If you are looking for a free and easy way to edit, download Adobe Photoshop Mix.

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Wow those are some stunning pictures! My only suggestion would be to edit them slightly so the colors pop out even more. Well done!

I agree that sometimes editing photos can make them look fake, that’s why its a great idea to use simple filters, there are plenty of free apps, software, or even websites that can help! Stunning pictures though, my favorite is the Ethiopian 787, what an amazing bird!

lightroom has an auto edit feature which makes it a lot better in my opinion!

😂Ok guys I think everyone gets the point about editing.

Great Photos i must say edited or not nothing in life has to be perfect

Those are some awesome photos! There is room for improvement, but I’m not going to say what others have said, because then it gets repetitive and possibly annoying. But overall, great work, I love the first one!

I don’t want to be that guy, but at least 5 times out of 10, the LR auto edit feature makes it worse, not better.

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Great shots! You will get better over time.

Although a smaller issue in each of your photos there is a mark, If you use some form of Adobe Photoshop and try the Heal Brush Tool the mark could make it go away its free on iOS and Android and it has all the extras as well you’ll need. Just adjust sliders manually as Auto Edit is awful

No idea maybe because you do something with finnair lol


Wonderful pictures 🤩🤩

Nice pictures! I’m guessing that you live in Hong Kong? :)

Hi, @anon79353067

A great way to improve phots can be the focus. The main focus of my airplane spotting would be focusing the camera onto the airplane then taking the photos at the right moment!

Overall nice pictures!

A Complete Guide To Aviation Photography [2020]

ok thank you

Tea has been spilled

I may make a proper help message but here are the key points :

  • use auto white balance
  • If you can, open your aperture (F. 9 is fairly enough) to make the dust disappear
  • center the plane I the picture
  • Use sharpening

Your shots are easy to fix

I was initially doing the edit on my computer but it’s easier on mobile lightroom (free version) and snapseed to remove the dust spot.

What I did was

  • framing
  • changing the white balance
  • changed the hue to something more purple
  • tinted the blue to cyan
  • changed the shadows so it looks less backlit
  • went full on the sharpening because you have amazing reflections
  • removed the noise and went for a smooth look because the other way didn’t look nice to me

Did pretty much the same, this time the white balance this time

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What camera do you use, i think your photos are great it might be down to if you edit them and how for improvements

I went to Hong Kong in the summer of 2017 and then onto Australia , i have a time lapse linked of my landing at 25R, by far one of my favourite airports out there i love the approach with all of the islands i might have some photos ill have to do some digging to find them, but Cathay Pacific is one of my favourite airlines after that flight.

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