VHHH Ghostings (Important)

Hey all,

Just wanted to let those know who were affected through my ghostings today, they have been reversed. The primary reason for this was “hindering the flow of traffic.” The NOTAM made it clear that there were specific departure times and gate assignments. By interfering with this flow, it would have caused delays and drawn out the event longer than it really needed to be. A simple restart of Infinite Flight will reflect these changes and you should be restored to the grade that you were at before.

With that said, its important that we all read the NOTAMs and event details when they are presented to us just before we spawn in. If you know someone who was affected by this today and they are not part of this community, please share this post with them and maybe even encourage them to join perhaps.

This was a well executed event and I’d like to congratulate the IFVARB team for their outstanding planning and dedication to the VA community. If you have screenshots or any other information that you think would be helpful in improving future events, please visit the link to the most recent event and share your information there.

Thanks for the understanding. For those that were ghosted by a controller for a specified reason, please contact that controller via private message. Private message me if you have any further question or concerns.