VHHH-EIDW! FedEx 777

Last night i did an overnight flight from VHHH-EIDW


Altitude: 32500feet


Over the mountains!

And we’re cruising!

Decent started!

Short final

And a smooth touchdown, welcome to EIDW!


Looks nice! Not enough people using the 777f here, nice to see it put to good use

Yep, its actually very nice to fly in!

Very nice :)

One small request, it hurts my brain, can you change the title to “VHHH-EIDW || FedEx 777” or something like that. Or at least give the airport ICAO A capital letter. I know, I am strange.

Oh yep sorry

Thank you…

My brain just freaks out, haha.

Ahaha its fine, done

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Thank you again for my strange request :)

Haha no problem my friend :)

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It looks great.

Thanks you :)

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Looks like a very nice flight. Nice pics as well! I love the 77F, especially on PANC routes. My only thing is, the liveries seem really dark to me compared to the real thing. The FedEx livery, for instance, seems to be gray as opposed to white.

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Yeah, would also be nice if the glideslope wasnt sideways, it always makes me think im in a bank angle!

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I’m confused as to what exactly you mean

In cockpit mode, the glideslope is slightly tilted, just like a380!

You mean the PFD (primary flight display)?


Looks like this?

Oh im sorry, yes.

You see im dumb😂

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You’re not, lol. I would have been confused as well 😂

Haha. It nearly made me muck up and fail my takeoff😂


The 757 and 767 look like that too. It annoys me a little bit to have a static picture that’s telling me I’m in a right bank through the entire flight.

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