VHHH - EGLL, the Long Way Around

  1. On November 9, 2005, a Boeing 777-200LR departed Hong Kong and headed East to London. In the end, the flight flew a record setting 11,664 NM and made the trip in 22 hours, 42 minutes. Having nothing better to do on a snow day, I decided to recreate that record setting flight. It must have been a good day for winds, because somehow, I managed to make this trip in 21 hours flat.

I found this to be an interesting read too, and also lists the waypoints for the flight which I used:


  1. Aircraft : Boeing 777-200LR (B77L)
    Livery : Boeing (N6066Z)
    Route : VHHH-EGLL
    Callsign : Boeing 002
    Cruise Alt : FL310 - FL 330 - FL350 - FL370
    Cruise Speed : M 0.84
    Distance : 11701 NM
    Flight Time : 21:00
    Server : Expert

  2. Photos

At the ramp in VHHH, making sure we have snacks and drinks packed

Climbing out of VHHH

Passing by the old Kai Tak International Airport

Flying over KLAX

Cruising over New York City

Almost there…

And touchdown 21 hours later

Parked at EGLL, now time to go find some tea…

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoyed!


Nice shots! The flight is really cool tbh

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Thanks! I agree, it’s a pretty cool demo on the range of the 77L

Wow ! Beautiful shots and good idea of flight ! I personally like the moon shot !

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Great shots! Lookin freshhh

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Nice Shots, I think I remember them saying it was probably accidental and they had two sunsets or sunrises. One of them.

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VHHH-EGLL in 21h, that’s quite long. The flightplan in EDI-GLA says 11h45m for that trip. Maybe you flew a longer way, can you provide me the exactly route ?

Is that your taken route ?

N0506F290 OCEA2A OCEAN V3 CONGA/N0495F330 V3 ENVAR/N0495F330 M750 MANEP Y753 JAKAL A1 ALBAT/N0485F350 A1 KEC DCT OGASA MORAY/M083F350 DCT 34N150E 32N160E 33N170E 35N180E 36N170W 39N160W 43N150W 44N140W/M083F370 42N130W/N0477F370 DCT VESPA C1486 ENI J143 PYE J88 ROBIE/N0487F390 J88 LAX J60 BLD J107 MLF J9 FFU J202 OCS J94 BFF OBH J10 IOW J60 PSB J78 MIP J146 JFK J225 PVD J55 BOS J575 YQY DCT VIXUN/M081F390 DCT LOGSU 49N050W 50N040W 52N030W 53N020W/N0467F390 DCT MALOT/M083F390 UL9 BURAK/N0466F390 UL9 STU UP2 NUMPO Y3 NIGIT ?

He Flew East which is why. Usually you would fly West but if I’m not wrong they flew East which meant they Would fly over the Atlantic, USA, then the Atlantic Ocean.

Edit: IRL they flew the east way which he tried to replicate.

Yup, like @CaptainAli_yt said, I took the Eastern route instead of the normal Western route. The route I took was VHHH - 35E80 - KLAX - KJFK - Track W (to cross the Atlantic) - BEDE1H STAR - L27L APP - EGLL.

And welcome to the community!

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