VHHH-EGLL but going the other way

Hello IFC

Tonight Jean do VHHH-EGLL going the other way in the Boeing house 777LR. Ik that they did it irl but I can’t see to find the sources that I found before. Didn’t anyone know any additional information

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I did that flight a lot of times, so you will not have any problems with it. You can use the A350 as well and the flight time is about 23 hours or less

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From a quick search on FlightAware, you can find flights between the 2 locations.

Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways all fly this route.

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I mean I’m trying to do it irl. They did it with a. Boeing 777R irl to show how long it can really fly.

I mean going the other way around. But that’s for the info

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Yes they did. Back in 2005. More informations about that flight can be found here, i hope that helps and enjoy your flight!


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no, he is talking about what Boeing did to demonstrate the 77L’s range, they flew East to show off


Ah thanks I was looking for the exact article but I couldn’t find it idk why.

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Another source is the New York Times

Flight of Boeing’s 777 Breaks Distance Record - The New York Times.

Oh ok that would make sense then

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No problem.

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Is there a way I can get the fpl?

ai’m pretty sure fpltoif and simbrief all use the correct way, you’ll need to create it yourself most likely.

Ok rip I’ll try to find a way to make my own

I did this flight a couple of weeks ago, here is the flight plan I used:
2219N/11357E 2222N/11405E 2233N/11450E 2207N/10932E 2845N/12554E 2958N/12840E 3426N/14904E 3422N/17026E 3913N/20016E 4247N/23143E 4838N/26252E 4454N/30442E 5132N/34802E

I recommend add sids/stars as required.

The flight plan used IRL was VHHH 27E80 LAX JFK EGLL

Oh really? Dam they use airports as way points. Also this isn’t it bc the other grazed New York and they went past ord

Thanks I’ll use it to

No they used VORs

flight is sorter than i thought. going at M.80 my ete is 15 hours 4 hours in to the flight