VHHH - EFHK / A350 (Finnair) Double Trouble

This journey with @Henry took off from Hong Kong International Airport 🇭🇰 & landed at Helsinki Vantaa Airport 🇫🇮 in the Airbus A350-900 Finnair Livery!

Flight Information

Flight Time: 10 hours
Expert Server

At Gate in VHHH

Ready to Taxi

Taxing to Runway

Hold Short Runway


Beautiful Hong Kong Departure…

Tail Shot

At Gate in EFHK

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Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


Very nice photos, thanks for sharing ! ;)

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Thank you so much!! @Bendaoud_31

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The last one was gorgeous! As well as the bank after takeoff! Great job!

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Beautiful shots!

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Thank you so much!! Appreciate your kind words… @Pilot_Felix

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Thanks to you though!! 😊😊 @Henry

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Very nice screenshots mate!

@Hardlanding_Hussain come on here


Thank you so much!! 😊 @tunamkol