VHHH ATC mistake or was it my fault.

At 17:37 UTC I flew from ZGGG to VHHH on expert server. About 50 nm from VHHH I contacted approach and requested ILS approach for any runway. I was cleared for an approach to R7r

I then received vectors to the runway.
And then this:

I was almost ghosted for not following instructions despite being aligned for R7r. I left the server before he did so. He did not give me any further instructions or vectors to align me to the “correct runway” but instead tried to ghost me.
As shown on the map. Had I done something wrong or had ATC made a mistake?

Hmm, yeah it does seem that the controller made a mistake. I think he got mixed up with the runway numbers.

However, it would’ve been more professional of you to request 7L considering that you’re on left traffic.

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@RTG113 is on tower and ground ATM and @DanielVitiello is on APP if you want to speak to them

Who was the controller at that time?

In the 1st photo he gave me clearance to 7r. Also, I was vectored to this position

I dont know

Sorry I can’t read :)

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I had to leave before I was ghosted

That’s in the future

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What did you first requaest when contacting the controller?

IFATC can make mistakes, and at that point it would be better to contact the specific IFATC Controller. He will answer your question, and come along a conclusion easier.

Anyways, you should check your ATC command logs to see if the controller changed runway assignment before this happened.


I was Philipines 0825 right in front and from what I could see you resived vectors for 7R

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Ils approach to any runway

This was said to approach or tower?

can you give us the time that it happened that’s not in the future? Because 17:37 is in the future as it’s 17:29 at the moment

The controller has been notified he will contact you soon.


Instead of having people speculate here, contact the controller and discuss with him. I have my opinion which is we’re missing screenshots…


Noice! addy!

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You were assigned 7L and you went for 7R

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If we aren’t missing any messages here,
That was the approach controllers fault, they most likely either accidentally cleared you for the ILS 7R, and meant for you to be cleared for 7L, or they intended for you to fly the 7R ILS, but confused you for someone else.
Either way, a simple mistake on their part.
I do think they overreacted with a “or you will be ghosted”, that often gets thrown around too easily.