VH-VCQ’s Radar Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi all

I am not planning to become ATC anytime soon ,but I wanted to improve my skills as ATC.

Hours available: 0500Z-0600Z for the next 9 weeks starting next week
Airport: N/A

  • I will try my best to make it to an Expert ATC, so please expect those “report threats” as people call them
  • Please, (and most people don’t usually say this)TEST MY SKILLS, because I want to get better!

Radar tracking threads are allowed under rare circumstance for IFATC members in the process of radar training. If you’re not in IFATC, you should only be hosting a local (tower & ground) thread. I hope you can understand this and I wish you the best in your IFATC adventure if you choose to join!

Thank you, aorry

op requested closure