VGVA Presents: "I've been around the world a couple of times and maybe more" @ YSSY - 0520000ZAPR20

An Australia Classic. If you grew up in the land down under or lived in Aus for more than 10 years you’ll know these lyrics

For Those Who Need Enlightening…

Event Details
🎵 “But when my mates all ask me the place that I adore, I tell them right away. What do we tell 'em?!” 🎶

When: 2020-04-05T19:00:00Z
Where: Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport (YSSY) to Brisbane International Airport (YBBN)
Aircraft: Virgin Australia B737-800
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1hr 30mins

Gate Assignments
🎶 “A sheep or two, a k-kangaroo, a clothesline out the back, verandah out the front, and an old rocking chair” 🎵

Gate Attendee VGVA Pilot?
Gate 2-09 @cptlogue No
Gate 2-08 @raoul_butler No
Gate 2-07 @SahyaQFFlyer No
Gate 2-06 @Cam_Williams No
Gate 2-05 @Vinne No
Gate 2-04
Gate 2-03
Gate 2-02
Gate 2-01

More gates will be added if required

🎵 “But me I like the bush ya know, with rabbits running round” 🎶

  • Please follow the rules of the expert server as appropriate
  • Push Back in the order listed above, giving way to non-event traffic
  • You are obliged to listen to Home Among the Gumtrees (or the fantastic remix) during the flight

Flight Plan
🎶 “There’s a safeways up the corner and a woolies down the street” 🎵

YSSY ANKUB 3336S/15048E 3306S/15114E MATLA BANDA TOJAM 2915S/15308E YBBN

Climb Profile 250/280/78
Descent Profile 78/280/250
Cruise Altitude FL370
Fuel 6,356kg
V1 136kts
VR 138kts
V2 144kts

See You There!

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Can I get this one? I’m not a VGVA pilot

Of course! Thanks for coming!


I’ll take Gate 2-08. I’m not a VGVA Pilot.

You’re signed up. See you there!

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I am not a VGVA pilot but can I please have a gate

Can I get gate 2-07 I’m not a VGVA pilot

I’m not Australian but have lived in Perth from 2012-2014, I was only 6 years old when I learned this song at school.

Count me in on this event!

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@Cam_Williams @SahyaQFFlyer You’re both signed up, thanks for coming

@Vinne Yep, it’s a kindergarten classic. See you there!

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Hey Everyone! I need some help. I was doing a flight to Cancun (MMUN) and after I started my decent I went to take a shower but when I returned to my phone I received 5 violations because I was going too fast under 10,000 ft. I have 4 events this week including this one and now i’m really stressed. So i went to the support tab but when i clicked the link to email them it didn’t work. Does anyone know if they indeed can take away the violations? If u have any information please let me know. Thank You!

Hey, this isn’t quite the thread for this, but unfortunately unless violations were caused due to a glitch in the app, they will not be removed. Take this time to maybe think over being a little more careful and watching your aircraft in the critical stages of flight (pushback to cruise alt and descent to engines off). Sorry I can’t be of more help but the rules are the rules.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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Oh and I wont be able to make this flight because that mistake got me out of grade 3 for a week


Great News! Iv’e talked to support and they’ve removed my violations! i’ll retrieve gate 2-08

Awesome! I’ll add you back now.

@VirginGroupVA Hey I think ill join VGVA!

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I’m unfortunately going to have to withdraw my participation in the event due to unforeseen complications - sorry, I was really looking forward to it.


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